Bernadette and the Demon Circus

Bernadette awoke in a hospital after a tragedy, strangely completely alone. Walking it she begins to find herself inside a circus of horrors. Only Lucce, a magical luminous rabbit can save her from this nightmare.

A Terrible Place

What is this horrible world she got into? A confused nightmarish place that combines hospital environments with a circus of horrors and gigantic human bodies… what are these monsters that resembles tortured performatic artists?

A Mystery To Unveil

What terrible thing Bernadette did that put her in that hospital? What terrible things people did to her before that? So many questions to answer in this history of the terrors of transphobia.

Inspired by Classics

Bernadette and the Demon Circus is a top-down survival horror RPG inspired by the classics of the genre like Silent Hill. You control the title character and Lucce, a luminous rabbit that is both Bernadette unique way to protect herself against the enemies (his light hurt the circus monsters) as well as what keeps her alive (stay away from him and you are dead).