Demon Purge Saga

Father Emmet starts his quest for revenge against Hell on Demon Purge Saga. The demons took everything from him, and now he will erase them all.


Now an official Exorcist by the Vatican he starts his quest on the City of Parabollam, a small region with rural and woodwork activities. There Father Desmond will act as his mentor and tell the hidden stories on the mysterious people.

Unique Gameplay

Purge the evil using match-3 mechanics: combine the exorcism relics on the board (the exorcism case) during the battles to cast holy magic attacks against the enemies. Combine more than 3 relics to maximize damage.

Level Progression

Earn experience and level up! Making your character stronger and gaining access to new relics and a bigger exorcism case.


  • Unique gameplay mixing RPG with Match-3
  • Dark, gothic setting with pop culture references
  • Beautiful soundtrack composed by Peritune and Kevin MacLeoad
  • A big web net of mysteries to solve. Are the demons the only evil?
  • A tale about revenge and intolerance guided by faith