Baba Altama


We are Indigo Arts, a 2-man (Ravenheart and Storm) indie development group, and we will be showing you all the progress made in our games through this blog!

Our first game is Baba Altama, an RPG platformer about an old lady who can make magical crochets. She must travel the world destroying part of her work that became mad (the evil crochets) and fixing their destruction.

Here are the first screenshots:

Baba Altama Title Screen
Title Screen


Baba Altama Leaving her House
Baba Leaving Her House
Baba First Enemy
Baba Altama and the First Enemy
Center of the Stage
The Crochet Bridge to be made

The game is in its initial development phase, but we will keep you updated as we progress!

Special thanks to Amora from MiniBoss, Wesley Correa, Romulo Santiago and Kmacleod from

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