DeadShotZ Huge Update!

Happy new year everyone! On the new year’s eve a new update for DeadShotZ was published on Google Play. This new version adds:

  • Different levels and environment! You can now progress in the game levels by killing the zombies. Each 5 levels changes the environment, for now we have: The Sideroad, Dead Forest, Mysterious Mansion, The Sewers and The Genetic Laboratory.
  • Characters animations: the player and the zombies are now animated, bringing a better imersion to the game.
  • Keep playing with your score and level with First Aid Kits (dropped by zombies and available on The Merchant store)
  • Portuguese translation available
  • Bonus coins for ad visualization (sometimes): You can get 20 Z coins by viewing ads
  • Options to remove ads: Help the game by buying the option to remove ads.
  • Ranking listing fix
















Download the latest update now on: