IndigoWare at Big Festival 2023

Big Festival 2023 was a remarkable event that provided an excellent platform to promote our long-awaited game Legend of Edda: Pegasus. As part of the marketing strategy, the distribution of pamphlets played a key role in reaching an audience diversified. Fortunately, most people received the flyers with open arms, showing enthusiasm for the game.

BIG Festival (Best International Games Festival) has been held annually since 2012 and stands as the foremost gaming event in Latin America, with a heavy focus on independent developers. Apart from presenting cutting-edge games to the general audience, the festival serves as a paramount rendezvous for individuals seeking a profound exploration of the gaming realm. Attendees can engage in enlightening lectures, interactive workshops, captivating keynotes, and participate in the largest gaming business forum in Latin America.

In addition to promotional activities, the festival featured numerous attractions. Several renowned gaming companies had their booths assembled, presenting their latest offerings. For example, the stand from Epic Games allowed participants to play and test their exciting lineup of games, while the Nintendo and
Xbox provided a hands-on experience with their respective consoles and titles. It was a great opportunity for the players delve into the gaming world and explore the latest releases.

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of the Twitch booth, where popular streamers interacted with participants, took pictures and had fun exploring the festival. It was a unique opportunity for fans meet their favorite content creators in person and share their gaming experiences.

The festival featured several stages, each with its own different programs. The stage presented by The Enemy stood out for his engaging interviews with game developers, offering insights into the creative process behind some of the industry’s most anticipated titles. Another stage captivated the audience by broadcast an exciting Free Fire competition, showing the skills of professional players and creating an atmosphere electrifying.

In addition, a dedicated section of the event was devoted to the display of games from all over the world. Participants had the opportunity to experience a variety of games, allowing them to enjoy the diversity and innovation present in the global games industry. It was one great way for players to discover new titles and immerse themselves in unique gaming experiences.

To add to the excitement, there were several stores offering merchandise. related to popular series, games and much more. The participants had the chance to buy collectibles, memorabilia and other items exclusives, allowing them to commemorate their experience and showcase their support your favorite franchises.

Overall, Big Festival 2023 has proven to be an incredible platform for promotion of Legend Of Edda: Pegasus. The positive reception of pamphlets among the participants, combined with the presence of renowned game companies, immersive stages, exciting competitions and various game showcases, made the event a resounding success. The festival served as a celebration of gaming culture and brought together enthusiasts from all walks of life to indulge their passion shared by games.

Did you attend the festival? Let us know how was your experience on our social media profiles! Also, don’t forget to visit and play Legend of Edda: Pegasus!

Author: Milena Honorato